Samuel's Blankets

12 Year Old Samuel’s Mission From The Heart:
Collect Blankets And Give Warmth To Those In Need

Only 1 Day Left



We have reached our goal but are still pushing for every single blanket we can get before Thanksgiving! There are several ways you can help and I would greatly appreciate it! Every little bit helps :)

Learn How to Help Samuel!

"My heart is just full hearing about this little Angel 😇" - Stephanie L. Kelley

"it's awesome that at such an early age. Samuel's heart is wanting to give. it should be an inspiration to many young and old. the sky's the limit young man. congratulations!!" - Dan Deanda

2018 Blanket Drive For The Homeless!

2,148 of 1800 Blankets Donated So Far!


2018 Sleeping Bag Drive

116 of 100 Sleeping Bags Have Been Donated!

Click Here To Find The Closest Drop Box Locations
A Picture of Samuel carrying blankets

Meet Samuel,

Started in 2015 at age 9, Samuel wanted to do something to help the homeless stay warm in the winter.

This kid has a mission and a heart for the homeless.

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